Satellites Imaging the Planet for Social Good

With more than 149 satellites in orbit, Planet provides the highest cadence imagery of our planet ever collected. This level of detail generates an entirely new dataset which can be used to regularly monitor the changing planet to make better and more sustainable decisions.

We’re creating a line scanner for the planet.

Will MarshallCo-founder and CEO, Planet

Applications range from carbon monitoring, food security, disaster response and deforestation to insurance and city services. The objective is to use the imagery as data for new products and services that advance social good. In the wake of the Nepal Earthquake in April 2015, Planet made their platform accessible for organizations and the public. Pre-quake imagery data was used to assess damage and to assist relief efforts.

Why you should care

Access to unique and recent imagery can change the way we approach global stewardship and help us to tackle some of the world’s most complex problems with better information. Planet’s mission is to make it possible for global change data to be visible, accessible and actionable for those who need it most.

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