Seizing the Potential of Plant Proteins through Technology

“Just.” utilizes plant proteins from all over the world to make food products, such as mayo, dressing and cookies, that are healthier, more sustainable and more affordable. Its philosophy is based on the idea that good food should be better and radically more affordable.

Today’s food system is insane and demands more sustainable options. What would it look like if we just started over? This is what we ask ourselves every day.

Josh TetrickCEO, Hampton Creek

The technology that “Just.” uses is built on a data platform that screens 400,000 plant species worldwide and identifies predictive relationships between molecular properties and functions. This database enables “Just.” to identify species of plants that could be used to improve food for consumers, food manufacturers and large retailers globally. The Just Mayo product, for example, replaces eggs with Canadian yellow peas.

Why you should care

The goal of “Just.” is to transform the current food system by making sustainable and healthy food the natural option for all customers. To achieve this, its team of chefs and experts in biochemistry, bioinformatics and food science are scouring the world’s plants to find novel ways of replacing animal proteins.

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