Sharing Marketplace for Healthcare Organizations

FLOOW2 Healthcare is an online marketplace through which healthcare organizations and institutions anywhere in the world can rent out or lease their unused or under-utilized assets. The platform matches supply and demand by making it easy to see who needs something or has something available, allowing healthcare organizations to generate additional turnover and save expenses through asset sharing. The marketplace works both within and between healthcare organizations such as hospitals. As such, FLOOW2 Healthcare facilitates more transparent and efficient use of assets within a company.

The success of sharing economy models like Airbnb suggests consumers are getting comfortable with the concept of access over ownership and that eventually this will transfer to a professional setting.

Lieke van KerkhovenBusiness Development Specialist, FLOOW2 Healthcare

The service is free for users that just want to search and rent, while those that wish to advertise their equipment can choose between three affordable price options.

Why you should care

Globally, the healthcare sector is expected to continue growing due to increasing and aging populations. Additionally, activities at healthcare facilities are estimated to represent 3% to 8% of the climate change footprint in developed countries. By making more efficient use of available assets and resources, healthcare organizations use fewer raw materials and shrink their waste footprint.

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