Smart Water Leak Detection for Agriculture

PowWow Energy collects energy data from smart electricity meters near water pumps, and uses the data to detect water leaks, which are common in drip and spray irrigation systems. Using sophisticated algorithms, the software detects electric usage signatures of water pumps, and uses this to identify anomalies such as leaks. The system then alerts farmers and ranchers by sending them a text message, helping them to instantly identify and fix leaks and other possible problems.

California, USA, where the solution is currently being deployed, is extremely drought-prone and large agricultural water leaks pose a threat to water security in the region. In addition, 8% of all electricity in the state is consumed by agriculture, and around 70% of this is energy is used for water pumping. Using water pumps more effectively can help reduce both energy consumption and water wastage significantly, and help farmers save money on utility bills and reduce repair costs.

Why you should care

This solution helps to minimize unnecessary water loss in the agricultural sector, which accounts for about 70% of all water consumed globally. It also helps to prevent unnecessary wastage of electricity through over pumping when there are leaks. The smart electricity meter can deliver all the information needed to detect and alleviate water losses without installing a physical water meter at all water pumps, making it a cheaper alternative.

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