Software for Reducing Water Loss

TaKaDu has developed a novel approach to water network monitoring that helps water utilities increase network efficiency and save water. The solution takes data from existing sources and analyzes it using sophisticated statistical algorithms in order to detect, locate and classify water network events, including leaks, at early stages.

The global water crisis is actually a water management crisis.

Amir PelegFounder and CEO of TaKaDu

By using TaKaDu, utilities know sooner about network anomalies, such as leaks and meter faults and their location, gain improved network visibility, and can make better use of their resources. As a result, utilities using TaKaDu increase their team and network efficiency while saving water, energy, money, and time. The software service can be deployed quickly and remotely, with no need for capital expenditure or onsite installation, allowing for wide adoption and scalability.

Why you should care

Water utilities experience large losses due to inefficiencies in various parts of the water supply network. TaKaDu helps reduce water loss and increase network efficiency.

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