Solar Suitcases Light Up Maternal Health Care

The Solar Suitcase is a solar-powered portable power unit that provides health workers with highly efficient medical lighting and power for mobile communication, laptop computers and small medical devices. It is mainly used to enable safe and timely obstetric care, which improves maternal health and neonatal outcomes. We Care Solar supports its technology with educational programs that build local capacity, giving health workers the tools and training necessary to provide life-saving care.

We Care Solar provides essential light and power for maternal health care , allowing childbirth to be a joyful event.

Dr Laura Stachel, MD, MPHCo-Founder and Executive Director, We Care Solar

The Solar Suitcase can be used in a range of medical and humanitarian settings, and approximately 1,700 units have been deployed to 30 countries, helping to deliver over 600,000 babies to date in rural hospitals and homes.

Why you should care

Preventable deaths during pregnancy and childbirth claim 830 lives a day, with 99% of all these deaths occurring in developing countries. Healthcare facilities lacking reliable lighting to support safe deliveries contribute greatly to the problem. Without electricity, doctors are often forced to cancel surgery sessions or conduct surgery by flashlight, and midwives struggle to deliver babies by light from kerosene lanterns or candles. The Solar Suitcase addresses these urgent needs.

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