Sustainable Asset Management

Developed to champion global sustainability within the world of asset management, Storebrand’s PLUS funds are fossil-free equity funds modeled around index- and risk factor-based management strategies, channeling assets towards green projects. They are guided by elaborate sustainability requirements: the Storebrand Standard and the extended PLUS criteria.

The Storebrand Standard process complies with UN Global Compact standards and is supported by a portmanteau of Scandinavian and international organizations (Fossilfritt Sverige, UNEP Finance Initiative, Transparency International…). In effect, it prevents any company violating international norms and conventions from being listed.

The PLUS criteria exclude companies that are part of the weaponry, alcohol, gambling, pornography, tobacco, as well as fossil fuel extraction industries, and companies with a share of sales from fossil fuels higher than 5%. Extended fossil-free criteria additionally apply, granting a higher priority to investments with specific sustainability solutions such as renewable energy and low CO2 transportation.

Why you should care

Unlike conventional equity and asset management funds who do not necessarily identify positive environmental impact as a key tenet of their investments, the Storebrand PLUS Funds model prioritizes investment via thoroughly-supported and comprehensive sustainability criteria, whilst offering full transparency over the selection process. In doing so, they actively support businesses and companies engaged in addressing UN Global Goals, furthering well-needed ethical practice within the financial sector.

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