Using Big Data for Energy Savings

Bidgely’s Appliance Tracing is a cloud-based technology that analyzes energy data from millions of homes and generates appliance level insights without plug-level sensors inside the home. Cloud-based disaggregation algorithms allow the company to extract energy signatures that are unique to appliances in any household, measure energy consumption by each appliance, and identify the source of the greatest inefficiencies, whether it’s an appliance or a behavior.

Using Web and mobile apps, Appliance Tracing takes the guesswork out of savings and provides customers with tools and tips to make informed decisions on how to become more energy efficient.

Why you should care

Bidgely is a scalable technology that leverages the existing grid infrastructure and unlocks the potential of energy efficiency. Bidgely is already helping thousands of families to reduce their energy usage by 5 to 30% and live more sustainably.

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