Using Google Street View Cars to Map Air Pollution

Aclima have partnered with Google Street View to collect high resolution air quality data. So far, more than 100 million data points have been collected from more than 110,000 km of roads in California and Denver. The cars collect measurements of air pollutants that affect human health and impact climate change. By making new environmental air quality data available to regulators and policymakers, the initiative aims to inform decision-making at all levels. The data will also be made available to scientists and air quality experts. In addition, the public will be able to view street-level air quality maps overlaid on Google Earth and Google Maps.

Why you should care

Globally, air pollution is a growing threat to human health and the environment. WHO recently declared outdoor air pollution a public health emergency, with untold financial implications for governments. Despite this, current measurement techniques lack the detailed and real-time accuracy required to better manage and mitigate pollution at the local level. The partnership between Aclima and Google to map Californian communities presents an experiment to explore the benefits of hyper-local air quality data.

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