Vertical Ocean Farming Creates Healthy Ecosystems

GreenWave has created a system for vertical ocean farming, where seaweed, scallops and mussels grow on floating ropes that are stacked above oyster and clam cages below. The ocean farms are systems of underwater vertical gardens, able to grow 10 to 30 tons of sea vegetables and 250,000 shellfish on each acre per year. Using these crops, food, fertilizer, animal feed and biofuels can be produced. According to the company, the kelp produced absorbs five times more carbon than land-based plants, and the crops do not require any fertilizers, freshwater, antibiotics or pesticides. Rather than conventional and vulnerable monocultures, this approach creates resilient, biodiverse ecosystems using the entire water column from sea-bed to the surface.

For the first time in generations, we have an opportunity to grow food the right way, provide good middle-class jobs, restore ecosystems, and feed the planet.

Bren SmithFounder and Executive Director, GreenWave

GreenWave has a replicable business model and will partner with anyone who owns a boat and has access to $20,000 for start-up costs to start their own farm. The company currently has 15 farms in development.

Why you should care

Fisheries contribute significantly to global food security, livelihoods and the economy. Overfishing impairs the functioning of ecosystems and reduces biodiversity, with negative repercussions for sustainable social and economic development. Designed to restore rather than deplete ocean ecosystems, GreenWave’s ocean farms increase biodiversity and restoration in areas where ecosystems are suffering or are completely depleted.

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