Voice and SMS Based Agricultural Tips to Farmers

Smallholder farmers living in rural areas of developing countries typically lack internet access, computer literacy, formal education and financial planning assistance. Farmerline is dedicated to solving this problem by developing information and communication technologies that connect farmers with timely and relevant agricultural data such as weather alerts, best farming practices, the latest market prices, and other financial or health tips.

Being social entrepreneurs just happened by trying to make a little change in our corners.

Alloysius AttahCo-founder and CEO, Farmerline

This social enterprise’s platform allows farmers to receive incoming calls and alerts via SMS and voice services in local languages, in order to reach all farmers regardless of literacy levels or languages spoken. Farmers can also make outgoing calls to receive expert advice, while agricultural organizations and NGOs can conduct surveys with thousands of farmers to enhance the services they provide to the farmers.

Why you should care

Farmerline offers a technological solution that not only bridges the literacy barrier in rural smallholder farming communities, but also reduces the transaction costs of communication between farmers and the organizations working with them. Given the widespread use of mobile phones among rural farming communities in West Africa, the service aims to help farmers and their communities become more prosperous and healthy.

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