Wood-Hybrid Building System up to 30 Stories

The LifeCycle Tower (LCT) is way of building from Cree GmbH, based on achieving sustainability through material selection and building methods. The wooden-concrete hybrid structure provides a comfortable living and working environment and fulfills fulfills Passivhaus standards, ensuring efficiency and reducing the ecological footprint. According to Cree, the simple building system cuts construction time in half, but retains strength allowing buildings to reach up to 30 storeys high.

With the lifecycle tower we follow an open source approach, which means to globalize knowledge and localize value creation.

Hubert RhombergCEO, Cree

Building layout, outside façades, surfaces, and interiors are individually designed by architects, while system components such as slabs, columns, inside façade, and building services ensure the building’s structural integrity and functionality. The technology is open source to allow global roll out.

Why you should care

Resource efficiency, simple but flexible design, and some off-site prefabrication all lend this solution to urban sustainable developments. An eight-story office building in Austria shows the technological, ecological, and economic advantages of the hybrid-timber construction system.

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